36. Thank You Brothers

I was also in contact with a Journalist, Chris Moore, from Northern Ireland.  He was the journalist who brought out into the open the case of Brendan Smyth, one of Ireland’s most evil bastards.  Again, a cover up by the church enabled him to abuse for decades.  No different from how the church in England handled Robinson.  I am still in contact with Chris as I write.

I also received a reply to my letter to The Honourable Patrick Thomas QC.  It was a wonderful letter, giving me encouragement in my quest for truth and justice.  I also sent a request to West Midlands Police and the CPS, asking for information under the Freedom of Information Act.  But they will not help me, as the information, shows the Police in a very bad light.  They failed in their duty in 1985 to investigate.  It was obviously at the church’s request.  I have now been offered the information, if I apply to court.  Various restrictions will apply, but as this material was read out in court, I am determined to get it.  Then I will know exactly why they do not want to help me now.  I am of the opinion that the police helped me purely to help themselves, to make their job easier.  Now I am surplus to their requirements.  I am, in fact, a redundant tool.  So they think.  But I would still do it all again, no matter what.  I’m now a spare part, making waves.

One day in April, I had just got home and the phone went.  I picked it up and a voice asked for Geoff Smith.  Without any hesitation I said, “hello R.”  It was RK.  He could not get over the fact that I remembered his voice.  But as I said to him, how could I forget?  I explained to R that Christmas had come early this year, as I was so very pleased to hear from him.  We spoke on many occasions and I arranged to meet him in a pub in Brownhills, together with GS and AM.  On the day of the get together I phoned LE asking for them to join us, but they were busy.

We all met and had a couple of pints.  My brothers C and B also went along.  It was very interesting talking after the trial.  We were in a very, very busy pub.  We were all sitting together, no one would have known outside our circle what a brave, strong and determined bunch of grown up lads were there.  It was great to get to see each other.  I am again proud of my association with them.

I often look back at the 15 months prior to the trial.  My brothers stood by me. This is the most important fact to me.  It took Robinson to come back for us to get together.

Thank you Brothers.

Having spent the last two years looking back over my life, I have found out many things about my family, about my abuse, about the Legal System and about the church.

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