37. All That Is Necessary for Evil To Succeed, Is Good Men Do Nothing

My abuse, I never ever in the world of pig’s pudding ever thought, or had any reason to expect, Robinson to walk back into my life.  He did, it was shocking what we all went through and what we all had to relive in detail to an open Court of Law.  What happened is that he made us all go through the abuse.  Would I do it again?  Yes, without a doubt.  I was proud to do my duty, even if it was 49 years late.  I faced the bastard in court, looked at him, eye to eye.  I am a better person for what I did.  It was not easy, but yes, I am very proud.  I don’t cry so much now.  I can talk about this subject.  But I have found that I am still very emotional.  I just do not cry so much.

The Legal System:  I found the Legal System was on my side, the side of the innocent man or, in my case, the innocent 12 year old lad.  I was very encouraged by the amount of “good people,” that I have met whilst travelling along this road to court and beyond.

Justice, “did I get Justice?”   I don’t think I did.  I got an evil bastard off the streets, but I don’t think I got justice.  Justice to me would have been to be treated like all the other victims.  I have not been treated that way.  I would have been happy to get compensation of some kind.  I would have taken Jill on a holiday, bought her things, etc, to say thank you for sticking by me.  I now realise we nearly lost everything we had, and I don’t mean money, or property.  Robinson came very close to breaking us up, the bastard.

The Church:  Well, the Cloyne Report was at last published, what horrors, how shocking, what a load of bastards.  All my life I have feared nuns and priests.  I’m now grown up and I am not scared of the bastards anymore.  I genuinely feel very sorry for the 99.99% of genuine Christian priests, preaching and doing good work.  I feel so sorry for them, being tarred with the same brush as these evil bastards.  I still feel that the catholic church is the evil empire.  I am so anti Church; yesterday, The Papal Nuncio left Ireland to go back to the Vatican.  He had been recalled.  He should have been expelled.  Please try to picture this; him about to board his plane, Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister, walking up behind him and doing a “Bishop Brennon”(Bishop Brennon; Father Ted – made in UK, for the Irish TV) – kicking him up the ARSE.”  Don’t forget the photo Doughal.

Over the past months and, especially now, writing “My Story,” for this blog, I have spent weeks, months thinking, going deep inside my head.  I have come up with these pages.  Whether they will do the trick, I don’t know.  But I am honoured.  You are giving me the chance.  I wish to say thank you.  But as I come very close to today, coming up to date as it were, I will still put down my thoughts and send you my latest pages.  I would like to leave with the last paragraph, probably the most important words I have yet written.

I have more Christianity on the soul of my shoe and that includes the “dog dirt.”  When will they ever get it?  When will they ever understand?  I quote a very famous line, by Edmund Burke, “all that is necessary for evil to succeed, is good men do nothing.”  Edmund Burke was born in Ireland in January 1729, his words will last forever.  After the recent Cloyne Report, I am very sad to say, that his words fit perfectly.  Today’s Catholic Church, in Ireland and from my experience, in Great Britain and yes, throughout the World, why do good men do nothing?


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