39. So On We Go

Leading up to the trial, the news papers and TV were full of the Pope’s visit to UK.  For weeks and weeks they kept on about the visit.  I joined a campaign to ban the Pope’s visit.  But no, Tony Blair got his way, he got his visit from the Pope.  Let’s face it; he needs, what is it? absolution for his war crimes.  Through the news channels there was no news in the world, only this visit, of the Pope.  I watched him in Scotland, in London and, on the last day, I watched him in Oscott College, Sutton Coldfield.  Yes the very same college that Robinson went to.  The very same college that Robinson took his victims to, to be abused or should I say raped.

On the last day, (Sunday) he was in the college to perform the beatification of Cardinal Newman.  There sat on the Pope’s left hand Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, the very man that allowed my abuser, freedom in USA.  Not only that, but paid him £200 per week for nine years, whilst he was on the run from the Police (whilst Nichols was Bishop of Birmingham).  But don’t forget, Robinson had his wages as a priest from the California church.  I watched in total disgust; the very head of a church, the Pope, who reigns over an evil empire of abuse, not only here in Europe, but in the Third World.  What is happening here now is nothing to what is happening inSouth America.  Shame on the lot of them.  I watched various interviews on TV with Vincent Nichols and I was getting angrier by the day.  He has no compassion, no understanding of the suffering that we all go through.  I sincerely would like to meet him, face to face, to ask why he did nothing to help me or the other victims.  But it will never happen, so on we go.

I left these thoughts out of my first writings for the simple reason that I wanted to try and keep my abuse, my story, away from a purely Catholic Church bashing exercise.  I have an immense amount of sympathy for all the priests who do an excellent job looking after the needs of the parishioners.  But I also am totally against the church as it is here today.  A church that has shown, over many generations, to have lacked the basic Christianity that it preaches.  A church that is only interested in keeping its cash, keeping its independence and its business interests together, and secret.

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