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11. Life Sneaking Up

In 1999, J and I sold our cottage in Ireland, and went travelling through France, Andorra, Portugal and Spain.  We spent 5 ½ months on the road staying in some of the best Hotels, taking many videos for the kids.  We had a great time.  But one day I said to J, I must return to Ireland.  I needed to get back to work, too much play.

So we returned.  We were looking for a bungalow with a workshop and couldn’t find one.  Instead we fell in love with Marybrook and bought it.  We have been here since 2000.  We both feel at home.  We belong here, the people in Ireland are fabulous.  I have built up a very good reputation as a painter and decorator.  I have many customers, ranging from Dentists to Solicitors, to Doctors to Judges, to Farmers.

J works for the A. Society, calling to homes to give relatives time away from the patient.  Giving a touch of freedom for the people at the frontline of the disease.  J has been so lucky, meeting with and making friends with so many families.  She is very well thought of.  Life for us has been very good, we are very proud of our children.  J and I are the proud grandparents to T, B and J.

Life could not be better. But life has a particular habit of sneaking up, and kicking you up the arse.

We didn’t know it but, the boot was on the way.

To be continued. . .