33. Liberated

Having arrived home, and gone over with J what went on in court (I believe the Military call it a debrief) life slowly got back to its ebb and flow.  I got back into work and all seemed well.  I went to visit a friend of mine, the legal advisor.  I went for morning coffee, free legal advice and another session of debriefing.  I have to say, as one who has never been offered or taken counselling, I can wholeheartedly, from my experience, advise anyone to talk; if not to a counselor, talk to a friend.  I know, take it from me; it does help.  I know this from my own experience.  Oh yes, I also walked out of the legal advisor’s house with three weeks work, decorating the whole of the interior of his Georgian farmhouse.  Is that lucky or what?  It was very instructive to him as well as me, telling my side of the legal story, telling of my experiences with the Law.

I also, as matter of urgency, put in a claim for my expenses for the trial.  I was paid for my ferry ticket, diesel and for the two days in the witness box.  I was assured by the Police that my expenses for my original interview of August 09, as well as the three weeks waiting time at the court, would be paid, when the church paid my compensation.

I took the time to write after a few weeks, when what had happened to me had finally sunk in.  When I had had time to think about what had gone on.  I wrote to the West Midlands Police, The CPS, The Crown Court Staff and the Judge, each one in turn.  I thanked them for their patience, consideration, compassion and their Professionalism.  I would stand by all four.  I was very proud to be associated with them, they did a magnificent job.  Those are the feelings of all the victims and the witnesses.  I told the police to phone me if at any time they have a victim of child sexual abuse and they would like someone who has been there, who knows what they are going through, to talk with them.  I would advise them to go forward, but I would not persuade them.  I know it is up to you, not anyone else.  I did it, I am proud I did it.  I would do it again.

On a personal level I would use the word “liberated.”  That’s how it made me feel.

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