26. The Prosecution Finishes

After the lunch break court adjourned till 10am Monday.  We went home.  On Monday my two brothers went to court with me.  But when we arrived LE took me up to the witness room as I had to go in the box again.

When I got there Miss B asked me if I had gone on the Internet?  I said “Yes.”  Had I spoken to any newspapers?  I said “yes.”  How long did I speak to the reporter?  I replied about “45 minutes.”  She again said that was it.  I was dismissed.

The next person in the witness box was B.  I sat listening to his evidence for about an hour and then went C.  It was at this point that C told the court that he had worked at the butcher shop weekends.  I didn’t know that.  C confirmed that he had ridden the motorbike, not with Robinson, but alone.  He confirmed that Robinson did work for the butchers and that he did have a motor bike.  Then C was stood down.

The next in the box was MH.  He confirmed my story of the events of April 09.  It was quite a ruthless cross examination, but M just stood there and told the truth.  After M was finished, the Prosecution case was finished.  I think it was the Wednesday.

I cannot remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday morning that when the jury came into court the Judge asked them “if the juror who was in the pub across the road last night kindly stand up.”  No one moved.  And again the Judge asked the same question.  Then one of the jurors stood up and the rest of the jury was sent out.  It had been reported to the police, by RK, that this juror had said to him in the pub “don’t worry we will find him guilty”.  This juror was sent home then.  The Judge and the barristers for both sides agreed that 11 jurors would continue.


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